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Check it out! Natascha was interviewed by Small Food Business! This two-part podcast is all about what it takes to get your food truck on the road. Small Food Business is a community of food artisans and entrepreneurs led by the fearless, Jennifer Lewis. Her mission is to provide up-to-date industry news that also focuses on the regulatory, business, and strategic information needed to successfully compete in today’s marketplace. We are really excited by the opportunities we’ve had to share our experience and the growing pains it took to get here. The reward is worth it, follow your dreams!

Part One.

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Natascha, got to teach/mentor week 6 of Brett Lindenberg’s successful eight-week live training class, Food Truck Academy series brought to you by the Food Truck Empire. Natascha was a graduate of the very first Academy class a few years ago, she turned the skills she learned there to grow The Ginger Pig.





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The Ginger Pig’s owner, Natascha, had the great honor of being interviewed by the Food Truck Empire founder, Brett Lindenberg, for his Food Truck Academy series. Bret runs an eight-week live training class and provides one-on-one consulting from current food truck owners. Natascha was a graduate of the very first Academy class a few years ago and has turned the skills she learned there to turn the Ginger Pig into the growing success story that it is.





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Check it out! We were one of the trucks featured as part of the Rayback Collective Food Truck Park reviewed by the Daily Camera. You can read the full review here where they may have said the following:

…the last time I had something that tasted like this, it was at a traditional Chinese banquet.

ginger pig lamb kebabs with rice and pickled vegetables


As Seen in The Wall Street Journal:

Schools Cook Up Courses on the Food Business

The Ginger Pig's Food as Featured in the Wall Street Journal. Photo Credit: Clytie Sadler

Photo credit: Clytie Sadler