The Ginger Pig Food Truck and our Asian street style food has all been inspired by my time living and studying in Beijing, China during my college years. While my host family cooked dinner, I would write down the ingredients and methodology, so I could re-create these wonderful recipes for my family and friends back home.


In China, I lived with the Zhang family, near the Beijing zoo. Zhang Baba, Nalu, their daughter, Zhang Na and I would cram into a tiny kitchen and cook together as a team. My Chinese mother, Nalu, was a teacher who was determined to turn me into a cook. She taught me to grind pork with a cleaver and make my own potstickers from scratch. Nalu took me to a Chinese market and helped me pick out a wok and cleaver to bring back to the states. She lit a fire under my wok and showed me how much flavor food could have when you use simple, fresh ingredients. Processed food had no place in their home.


Some of my favorite memories in China include dumpling eating contests with Zhang Na, my Mei Mei (little sister). Zhang Na was two years younger than me, and I never did beat her in a dumpling eating contest. She won every time, always setting a goal to eat 20 in one sitting, and always falling a few short. We would laugh and hold our aching bellies, swollen with dumplings. Nalu also taught me to make Chinese Borscht, which was one of the inspirations for The Ginger Pig. Years later, I found myself craving this soup, so I dug out my handwritten recipes and started playing around in the kitchen. I am excited to share Nalu’s recipes with people in Colorado, as I know they will appreciate the love she put into creating them and the care she took in passing them along.

 Natascha Hess’s Chinese Host Family’s Kitchen filled with dumplings and at a street market in rural Kunming, China.

Natascha Hess’s Chinese Host Family’s Kitchen filled with dumplings and at a street market in rural Kunming, China.

It was during my third trip to China that I really began to develop my palate. I was 21 years old, backpacking and subsisting on street food throughout Asia. I spent time in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and New Delhi. I’ve never eaten better food.
— Natascha

It is in Beijing where I fell in love with ginger. My products contain ginger not only for the taste, but for the many health benefits of this magical root.



Back in Colorado

My husband Steve and I are proud University of Wisconsin Badgers (that’s where we met), but Colorado has been our home for the last 15 years. It was here, while practicing law and working in sports broadcast TV, that I developed recipes I learned from my Chinese host family and worked on other recipes inspired by my travels throughout Asia. I joined a local CSA farm share at Isabelle Farm and was enchanted by the farm-to-table idea. We are so proud that Isabelle Farm will be one of our main providers of farm-to-table organic vegetables, it’s very important to us to support and use local farms and purveyors.

In March 2015, my husband Steve and I started developing recipes and telling our friends about our burning desire to own a food truck. Playing around with names, I was telling my best friend from law school about the concept of healing people with ginger and using ginger as therapy. She mentioned that she had a pig named Ginger, and we both knew in that moment, the truck would be called The Ginger Pig.
We hope you enjoy our wide array of fresh menu items, and simple ingredients as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

Ganbei (“Cheers”),

Natascha + Steve

 The Ginger Pig Food Truck Design by  Clytie Sadler

The Ginger Pig Food Truck Design by Clytie Sadler