We Have a New Home!

We Have a New Home!

Isabelle Farm

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Come Find us at Isabelle Farm!

We will be serving our award-winning Asian style street food at the truck’s new residence, our beloved Isabelle Farm in Lafayette. Why Isabelle Farm? Well, we love ‘em! We had our CSA there for years before The Ginger Pig came about and we always had them in our hearts because one of our missions has been to bring you sustainable farm fresh ingredients. Parking our food truck on the farm will help do just that! Since we'll be serving up seasonal specials using some of the 80 varieties of organic produce, I guess you can say we're a farm-to-truck kind of food truck now.

We’ve been mixing up the menu a bit, serving different specials, some new gems, and your menu favorites. Sometimes you’ll find our Lambda, Lambda, Lambda (lamb) or Japanese Karaage (fried chicken) but we are also bringing three, yes three, gluten-free and vegan/vegetarian-friendly dishes to the rotation. Our vegan and vegetarian fans will love our Buddha Balls (vegan jackfruit sticky rice balls), our La Zi Cauliflower (vegan), and Honey Sriracha Brussel Hussle (vegetarian).

Head to the truck to see what's cooking and check out any of our new delicious rotating dishes or indulge again in one of your favorite’s of ours! You can come to sit for dinner on the farm or place an order for pick up 4-8pm Wednesday through Friday and from noon to 8 pm on Saturday. Be sure to check out the farm store or join their CSA!

Don’t forget, you can place pickup orders!
Give the truck a call if you’re interested in picking up some food for yourself or the family.

To Place an Order Call: 720-990-4552

Important info:

Hours: Wednesday-Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 12pm-8pm
: 1640 West Baseline Road, Lafayette, CO  80026
Farm Stand Phone:  720-438-0707
Ginger Pig Truck Phone: 720-990-4552

Please make sure you check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or our Calendar for our schedule.


Happy Chinese New Year - The Year of the Pig


Xīn nián kuài lè! That’s how you say Happy New Year in Chinese and we couldn’t be more excited to ring in 2019 as the YEAR OF THE PIG!!!! Chinese New Year officially begins February 5th and ends on the 19th with the Lantern Festival. In Chinese culture, pigs are the yin of yin and yang and the symbol of wealth and good fortune. We can’t wait for the wealth part but we’ve already been blessed with the good fortune of having the support of all you wonderful foodies in the Denver and Boulder area.

Wanna learn more, check out this great site dedicated to all things Chinese New Year and specifically anything related to the Year of the Pig.

Justin's Nut Butter + The Ginger Pig

Justin from Justin's Nut Butter!!

Justin from Justin's Nut Butter!!

Justin's Nut Butter launched their new Classic Cashew Butter this summer and we were lucky enough to have Justin stop by the truck for dinner and to collaborate with them during the launch. This felt extra special because we have been using Justin's Nut Butters as fuel for those long hot summer days on the truck. We love the brand because their core values align with our own, like striving to bring you locally sourced and sustainable ingredients from some of the best producers in Colorado. Justin challenged us to see what we could come up with using the cashew butter in one of our dishes.

Challenge accepted!

Introducing our vegan and gluten-free Cashew Butter Tofu special!


The special is so popular it's become a regular special on the truck. So come on down to the Rayback Collective, the Boulder County Farmers MarketIsabelle Farm, or any of the great events/locations we are scheduled to appear at this year and try our gluten-free AND vegan Cashew Butter Tofu.


Step right up, step right up, but no pushing!

Justin's Cashew Butter Laminate.png

Westword's 2018 Best of Denver Winner - Food Truck/Cart

Winner, winner chicken dinner! We are so incredibly humbled and honored to be named the winner of Westword Magazine's 2018 Best of Denver award for Best Food Truck/Cart. We spent over a year bringing this brand to life and making sure our recipes would keep people coming back for more before we even hit the road. To kick off our third season with such an honor has been amazing and our hearts are filled with gratitude to everyone who supported us during this endeavor. We couldn't have done it without you all and we know it. We'd like to thank Westword's readers, contributors, and editorial staff for finding the truck, trying our food, and recognizing us with this award. This is something that we will cherish forever.

Season Three is Open to Thee


Ladies and gentlemen, we have started our engine and lit a fire under our woks for SEASON THREE! We're so excited to be back on the truck bringing you the Asian style street food you've come to love from us. We have been so humbled and energized by all the show of support on our Facebook page and the news media out there. We are excited for the opportunity to continue to bring our foodie dream to your palettes this season. Please follow us on Facebook or check out our calendar to find out where the truck will be bringing our mouthwatering treats!

See Ya Next Year!

See Ya Next Year!


We are continuing to take reservations for 2018 for your next event, please contact us for availability and check out our catering menu.

Mountain Day!

Mountain Day!


This weekend we're pulling the truck up to Chautauqua Picnic Pavilion to provide some Asain style street food to this years Northfield Mount Hermon Mountain Day. NMH is located in Mount Hermon, MA and the school is Natascha's and our graphic designer, Clytie Sadler's, high school alma mater. It's where they first met and now The Ginger Pig has brought them back together again to work.  So, what's Mountain Day, you ask? Mountain Day is an annual surprise fall holiday to get the students and faculty out in the woods together to take a hike. The faculty announces that class will be canceled the following day and everyone is buoyed with the anticipation of the Mountain Day cake for dinner, no classes, hiking, and a chili cookout on a mountain at the peak of foliage season. The annual experience culminates for Seniors as they set out to climb the 3,165ft Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire. This tradition dates back to 1881, and it continues to bring alumni together at different locations across the country. We're stoked to be offering our curbside catering to Colorado's NMH alumni this year and everyone's welcome, come find us! You can find more information below the video.

Get Directions

Chautauqua Picnic Pavilion (See Map Below)
Chautauqua Green, if pavilion is already occupied
846 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO

From the Host, NMH Rocky Mountain:

The picnic pavilion is located by the Auditorium, just off of Morning Glory Drive.
Both novice hikers and skilled mountaineers are welcome.
Date: Sunday, October 15th
Hike time: 9:30 – 11:30 am
What to bring: Large water bottle, snacks for the hike, layers of clothes, rain jacket, comfortable walking shoes/hiking boots


Adventures of The Rayback Collective

Photo shows that The Ginger Pig food truck is now open and has a line of people waiting. It is an Asian street food truck. Photo was taken at the Rayback Collective in Boulder, CO
Photo shows that The Ginger Pig food truck is now open and has a line of people waiting. It is an Asian street food truck. Photo was taken at the Rayback Collective in Boulder, CO

We're approaching month three of our Rayback Collective adventure and day one is still an exciting blur. If you didn't know, our day one was the Rayback's day two and we have to say, the people here are great and feel like family. We're all forging this new path in our lives and it's been in such a supportive and professional environment. We've built a community here and hope to continue bringing you all fun flavorful foods. We love being part of such a cool idea and want to say thank you to the customers supporting the Rayback Collective and to the staff and ownership here.

Speaking of adventure, someone at the Rayback showed me this little ditty made by Mike & Amanda Toillion of the YouTube vlog channel, Don't Panic Adventure Club. The Toillion's are based out of Boulder, where Mike works for NASA and Amanda is a lawyer, and they're documenting their travel adventures locally and around the world. They made this great video about the Rayback Collective for the Don't Panic Adventure Club vlog. It's a pretty smart, fun, and well done vlog that everyone should check out. Anyway, we couldn't help but notice that our truck made an appearance and that you ate our food! We also checked out your YouTube channel and noticed that some of your travel adventure videos take place in Japan. I've been there a few times, we need to trade stories. Come by the truck and say hi!

Shout-out: Annabelle Denmark

Shout-out: Annabelle Denmark

Sometimes you're blessed. Annabelle Denmark is blessed with tremendous artistic talent. We are blessed to live next door to her and would like to give her a shameless plug, endorsement, and thank you for working with us. You'll be seeing her work in future blog posts and we just updated the home page with some of the work she did for us. Food photography isn't her main focus, she's a fine art portrait and wedding photographer, and we really really wanted to share her amazing work, it's mesmerizing.


Boulder Pridefest 2016

Boulder Pridefest 2016

Rainbow graphic of a heart with the ginger pig logo centered showing that the ginger pig has pride for LGBTQ
Rainbow graphic of a heart with the ginger pig logo centered showing that the ginger pig has pride for LGBTQ

Lockdown your Sunday with us at Pridefest, the largest LGBTQ event in Boulder County where we'll be pulling up the truck and serving our Asian-style street food. This event is special to us because we truly understand the meaning of love winning. We've watched our gay friends fight for the basic right to marry as equal citizens under the law and then proudly watched as they said, "I do." We love the coming out stories and the pride that comes from being true to yourself and we love feeding all of you, so come get some food already.

Before swinging by the truck, head out to support the runners, walkers, strollers, and sashayers at the BIG GAY 5K at 10:30am, you should note that this run has a costume contest with cash prizes or head over to the LGBTQ Visibility March at 10:45am for a little "We're here, we're queer, love us already" visibility. When you get hungry, come see our half rainbow colored truck from 11am to 6pm in Boulder Central Park (Broadway & Canyon). Okay, so the truck colors are more an homage to Colorado's colors, but we'd rainbow the hell out of it this week if we could!

Launch Date 7/16/2016

Launch Date 7/16/2016

(Video) We passed all of our inspections and are excited to be launching tomorrow 7/16/2016 from 11-3 at Rayback Collective-Boulder Food Park. We'll also be there Sunday from 5-9. Check out this Video our friends at Icon LLC put together telling our story!

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Graphic wishing you a Happy Fourth of July
Graphic wishing you a Happy Fourth of July

We'd like to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day Weekend!

Not There Yet - Getting Closer to the Finish Line

We're getting closer to the finish line everyone! The truck is wrapped, the fire suppression system has been rebuilt to accommodate the new fryers and the fryers have been installed. The health department is saying our 3-compartment sink is too large for our water heater and water tanks. We have ordered a new sink and it is en route. We are getting so close. We are bummed we can’t open this weekend, but we will be opening soon and will keep you posted on the launch date when we know more. We are still planning for a June launch at The Big Wonderful.

Wrapping It Up

Following up on the last time we wrote, when the truck wrap had literally been lost in the mail, and we had to push the launch date back because, well, stuff like that has a cascading scheduling effect. This time, we get to talk about dreams coming to life before our eyes. Not surprisingly, it reminds us a lot of Shrinky Dinks, except your oven in now a blow torch and the outcome is just as magical with a rad looking food truck.

We want to thank Steve's old Wisconsin Badger friend and teammate, Mark Francis, at AGS Wraps for helping us get the wrap printed up, TWICE. Thank you to local installation and wrap professionals, Jeff Johannes and his amazing team at PGI Wraps in Denver for their patience and for allowing us to film the process. They really did an outstanding job installing the wrap on our truck. Shout out to photographer and graphic designer, Clytie Sadler, for consulting with us about our branding efforts and creating The Ginger Pig's logo, website, and the branding we're putting out there.  Finally, thank you to our friend, Justin Preston, of ICON Premier for offering to shoot video of the wrapping process.

We really appreciate everyone's hard work to make this happen and look better than we could have dreamed of.  So cool to see it all coming to life.  We will be trucking soon!

Picture of the Ginger Pig food truck after the wrap guys at PGI were done.
Picture of the Ginger Pig food truck after the wrap guys at PGI were done.

New Launch Date

Digital flyer for The Ginger Pig Official Launch, June 2016 at The Big Wonderfull When it rains, it pours. Unfortunately, our rain date is a real push back of our opening day to sometime in early June 2016 at The Big Wonderful. Everything was going smoothly, but in the last week and a half, our food truck wrap got lost in the mail, it has been reprinted and reshipped and installation began yesterday. We also found out that we need additional gas lines installed and our fire suppression system needs to be rebuilt to accommodate our brand new fryers. Not sure how a 500 square foot piece of vinyl with a big pig on it disappears, but when it is found, we will have our wrap ready for truck # 2.

In other news, I'm freaking drooling over our new fryers and can't wait to fire them up soon. Did I mention the shirts, stickers, and aprons are here and our hats are on the way? Stay tuned to see the goods.

Click HERE to read more about us and stay connected on @GingerPigTruck on Twitter or on Facebook.

Launching a Dream at the Big Wonderful

The Big Wonderful - The Ginger Pig Official Launch We are thrilled to be launching our big wonderful food truck, The Ginger Pig, ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, on May 7th at The Big Wonderful in Denver.

The Big Wonderful is very special to us, it's where I first met Marcus, and his truck, The Shiitake Swerve. It was a beautiful Saturday last September in Denver and I went to The Big Wonderful with a couple of friends. I obviously had no idea that we would end up buying the Shiitake Swerve truck at the end of January. By then, Marcus had already become a mentor and a friend.

It is only fitting that we are launching Our Big Wonderful at The Big Wonderful. We are so excited to bring you some authentic Asian street food at The Ginger Pig truck. I'd like to thank everyone that's supported Steve and I along the way, you all know who you are cause I've probably thanked you one, two, or five times.

Click HERE to read more about us and stay connected on @GingerPigTruck on Twitter or on Facebook.