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Wrapping It Up

Following up on the last time we wrote, when the truck wrap had literally been lost in the mail, and we had to push the launch date back because, well, stuff like that has a cascading scheduling effect. This time, we get to talk about dreams coming to life before our eyes. Not surprisingly, it reminds us a lot of Shrinky Dinks, except your oven in now a blow torch and the outcome is just as magical with a rad looking food truck.

We want to thank Steve's old Wisconsin Badger friend and teammate, Mark Francis, at AGS Wraps for helping us get the wrap printed up, TWICE. Thank you to local installation and wrap professionals, Jeff Johannes and his amazing team at PGI Wraps in Denver for their patience and for allowing us to film the process. They really did an outstanding job installing the wrap on our truck. Shout out to photographer and graphic designer, Clytie Sadler, for consulting with us about our branding efforts and creating The Ginger Pig's logo, website, and the branding we're putting out there.  Finally, thank you to our friend, Justin Preston, of ICON Premier for offering to shoot video of the wrapping process.

We really appreciate everyone's hard work to make this happen and look better than we could have dreamed of.  So cool to see it all coming to life.  We will be trucking soon!

Picture of the Ginger Pig food truck after the wrap guys at PGI were done.
Picture of the Ginger Pig food truck after the wrap guys at PGI were done.