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Mountain Day!

Mountain Day!


This weekend we're pulling the truck up to Chautauqua Picnic Pavilion to provide some Asain style street food to this years Northfield Mount Hermon Mountain Day. NMH is located in Mount Hermon, MA and the school is Natascha's and our graphic designer, Clytie Sadler's, high school alma mater. It's where they first met and now The Ginger Pig has brought them back together again to work.  So, what's Mountain Day, you ask? Mountain Day is an annual surprise fall holiday to get the students and faculty out in the woods together to take a hike. The faculty announces that class will be canceled the following day and everyone is buoyed with the anticipation of the Mountain Day cake for dinner, no classes, hiking, and a chili cookout on a mountain at the peak of foliage season. The annual experience culminates for Seniors as they set out to climb the 3,165ft Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire. This tradition dates back to 1881, and it continues to bring alumni together at different locations across the country. We're stoked to be offering our curbside catering to Colorado's NMH alumni this year and everyone's welcome, come find us! You can find more information below the video.

Get Directions

Chautauqua Picnic Pavilion (See Map Below)
Chautauqua Green, if pavilion is already occupied
846 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO

From the Host, NMH Rocky Mountain:

The picnic pavilion is located by the Auditorium, just off of Morning Glory Drive.
Both novice hikers and skilled mountaineers are welcome.
Date: Sunday, October 15th
Hike time: 9:30 – 11:30 am
What to bring: Large water bottle, snacks for the hike, layers of clothes, rain jacket, comfortable walking shoes/hiking boots


Boulder Pridefest 2016

Boulder Pridefest 2016

Rainbow graphic of a heart with the ginger pig logo centered showing that the ginger pig has pride for LGBTQ
Rainbow graphic of a heart with the ginger pig logo centered showing that the ginger pig has pride for LGBTQ

Lockdown your Sunday with us at Pridefest, the largest LGBTQ event in Boulder County where we'll be pulling up the truck and serving our Asian-style street food. This event is special to us because we truly understand the meaning of love winning. We've watched our gay friends fight for the basic right to marry as equal citizens under the law and then proudly watched as they said, "I do." We love the coming out stories and the pride that comes from being true to yourself and we love feeding all of you, so come get some food already.

Before swinging by the truck, head out to support the runners, walkers, strollers, and sashayers at the BIG GAY 5K at 10:30am, you should note that this run has a costume contest with cash prizes or head over to the LGBTQ Visibility March at 10:45am for a little "We're here, we're queer, love us already" visibility. When you get hungry, come see our half rainbow colored truck from 11am to 6pm in Boulder Central Park (Broadway & Canyon). Okay, so the truck colors are more an homage to Colorado's colors, but we'd rainbow the hell out of it this week if we could!

Not There Yet - Getting Closer to the Finish Line

We're getting closer to the finish line everyone! The truck is wrapped, the fire suppression system has been rebuilt to accommodate the new fryers and the fryers have been installed. The health department is saying our 3-compartment sink is too large for our water heater and water tanks. We have ordered a new sink and it is en route. We are getting so close. We are bummed we can’t open this weekend, but we will be opening soon and will keep you posted on the launch date when we know more. We are still planning for a June launch at The Big Wonderful.